Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve been doing in my spare time. You can also check out my GitHub account for full list of my open source projects.

vkQuake2 (2019) - id Software’s Quake 2 v3.21 with Vulkan support for Windows, Linux and MacOS. (PC)
DOS3D (2017) - Software renderer for DOS. (PC DOS)
Rust64 (2015-2016) - Commodore 64 emulator written in Rust. (PC)
Rage of the Gladiator VR (2015) - a first-person perspective fantasy fighting game. You control a gladiator, fighting for your life in an arena. Armed with your magical warhammer and a trusty shield, you must defeat your adversaries including a Chimera, Beholder, and a Dragon. RotG was originally released on multiple consoles and mobile platforms - except home computers. With the advent of Oculus Rift I added PC version with VR support and utilized Leap Motion as the primary controls of the game. (PC)
SpeedX VR (2015) - a fast-paced 3D tunnel game. Your goal is to avoid colorful blocks by manouvering your head left and right. Originally released for mobile devices and touch controls, I made this PC version with VR support. (PC)
DOSTracer (2015) - Raytracer for DOS written in C. (PC DOS)
Quake BSP Map Viewer VR with Oculus Rift support (2013 / 2015) - Map viewer for Quake III Arena with VR mode. (PC)
Talon Engine (2012-2014) - An improved multiplatform 2D game engine. (iOS, Android, Nintendo 3DS, PC)
Hazumi (2014) - a game of action and puzzle-solving developed with Talon. You control a colored ball and the goal in each level is to destroy all crystal blocks. You can only remove a block if it matches the color of the ball. Deadly traps and labyrinths will stand in your way, so use cunning and nimbleness to your advantage! The game delivers over 100 exciting puzzles, a level editor, intuitive controls, beautiful pixel art graphics and addictive gameplay. Available on US, EU and JP 3DS eShop. (Nintendo 3DS)
Mad Zombie Bacon Attack! (2014) - A Dart/HTML5 game written as a testbase for Google’s Dart Programming Language. To make development of new applications faster, I wrote a simple OpenGL matrix stack library called Dart GL. (PC)
SuperBall C64 (2013) - a “remake” of a 1990s breakfast TV show game hosted on SAT-1, which I used to watch a lot when I was younger. (Commodore 64)
Mile of Cry (2010) - 3D point-n-click adventure game. (PC)
Pong Engine (2009) - 2D retro game engine. (PC)
Bump and Krash (2008) - a multiplayer racing/fighter game concept similar to the classic “Hover”. During my time with Zeolite Studios, I developed a game prototype in the Irrlicht engine with basic controls, item-collection and standard physics (PhysX). (PC)
SnowballZ (2007) - a multiplayer strategy game with a penguin/snow theme and an attempt at creating an non-violent RTS (ie. without blood, guts and mass death). I assisted in the production of the initial version of the game and helped porting it to PyOgre. The project was eventually suspended. (PC)
Lord of the Rings MUD MMORPG (2006) - At some point I felt like trying out Java which resulted in this simple applet. I created a MySQL based client-server application with a purpose of imitating a vast world in a MUD-like fashion. Each location had it’s unique screen, objects that could be picked up, dropped and moved from place to place etc. Commands between the clients and the server were passed and executed using the RMI mechanism. All players within the game could interact with each other (talk, fight, trade items) and were always aware of each others’ presence. The interface was inspired by an old text adventure game “Gateway”. The finished prototype was eventually used in one of the programming courses at my university. (PC)
Internetowe Szachy (2000) - Network chess game for 2 players. In late 1990s I was experimenting with sockets and network programming so I thought I’d do something more advanced than a DNS resolver. This program lets two players play a game of chess over a network connection (be it LAN or the Internet). As a bonus, I added a simple chat functionality. The application was developed in Borland C++ Builder, I moved to Visual Studio afterwards. Be warned, that this was created ages ago on a Windows 98 machine, so I can’t guarantee that the networking part will work flawlessly on modern systems. Also - Polish only ( I didn’t know any better back then :) ). (PC)