Power Racing ( C++, NeoEngine, OpenAL, Java, PHP+MySQL, Lua )

Power Racing is an online racing game played directly in your browser. I worked with the game during my employment period at Power Challenge AB in Sweden. I was responsible mostly for the backend programming, network components (servers and web interface) and creating algorithms that would pair the players in the best way possible. The gameplay style is similar to most modern titles you can find on the consoles or the PC. The game infrastructure consists of a set of servers, a main game client written in C++ and a web interface. At the time of my departure further development was put on hold. While the official release date is still yet to be announced, some of the key features of the game are:

  • no explicit download required, you play the game directly in your browser
  • multiplayer support with up to 4 players in one race
  • spread network architecture supporting hundreds of simultaneous multiplayer games
  • high quality graphics, sound and fully customizable cars (color, maker)
  • Training mode with a sophisticated AI
  • realistic car physics

Power Racing prelaunch teaser:

Power Racing gameplay video: