Power Soccer ( C++, NeoEngine, OpenAL, Java, PHP+MySQL, Lua, Python, VMWare )

Power Soccer is an online soccer game played directly in your browser. I worked with the game during my employment period at Power Challenge AB in Sweden. The game infrastructure consists of a set of servers, a main game client written in C++ and a web interface. Power Soccer was the primary game I worked with, being responsible for its various components including the web programming part, implementation of new gameplay features, server programming and AI improvements. During the last months of my work I was closely associated with the QA team and wrote a set of unit tests for the game. Apart from game programming, I also set up and maintained development servers for the company (both physical and using virtualization) which on my part required a lot of Linux scripting and administration. Some of the key features of the game:

  • no explicit download required, you play the game directly in your browser
  • spread network architecture supporting hundreds of simultaneous multiplayer games
  • high quality graphics and sound with fully customizable teams (names, colors, appearance - you name it)
  • Training mode with a sophisticated AI
  • key and mouse control

An introduction video to Power Challenge, the company and their games:

Gameplay video, high quality (no sound):

Gameplay video with sound (lower quality):