Code and programming:

  • [GitHub] Commodore 64 Funpack - Code samples for Commodore 64.
  • [GitHub] Sample projects for Oculus Rift - Code samples for Oculus Rift.
  • [GitHub] Codespawn - Code generator written in Rust.
  • [GitHub] Disasm6502 - 6502 disassembler written in Rust.
  • [GitHub] Dart GL - Basic OpenGL functionality for Dart programming language.
  • [GitHub] C++BitSet - Customizable bitset template class for platforms where std::bitset/Boost can't be used.
  • [GitHub] VESA DOS player for MIDI and WAV files - DOS sound player for MIDI and WAV.
  • [GitHub] TinyExpr-Rs - Tiny recursive descent expression parser, compiler, and evaluation engine for math expressions.
  • [GitHub] HMAC MD5 - Quick HMAC MD5 implementation in C++. Based on Aladdin Enterprises MD5 library.
  • [GitHub] BFS graph solver - Level solver for The Graph Game (works as a generic BFS solver too!).
  • czas.asm - My very first piece of assembly code from early 1990s. The program calculates the amount of time that passed from a given date and converts the result to a nice looking text message (which is why the code is so long). Comments in Polish only. It will likely have issues running on modern systems but hey - ASM is always fun to look at, right? (20,1 KB)
  • agxp_crack.c - Simple crack program for an old graphics utility Artgem XP that I wrote when I was still playing around with SoftIce and other disassemblers. I post this here for educational purposes only! It probably won't work with the latest version anyway. ;) (1,3 KB)


  • - My deathmatch map for Quake (1999). (488 KB)
  • - My deathmatch map for Quake III Arena (2000). (1,1 MB)
  • - User map for Duke Nukem 3D inspired by the place I lived in at the time (1999). (158 KB)

My fabulous artwork!