My Projects

Here's a list of some of the things I've been doing in my spare time. You can also check out my GitHub account for any source code that I can legally contribute to the public.

DOS3D (2017) - Software renderer for DOS. (PC DOS)
Rust64 (2015-2016) - Commodore 64 emulator written in Rust (PC)
Rage of the Gladiator VR (2015) - Action hack-n-slash game with VR immersion and Leap Motion controls. (PC)
SpeedX VR (2015) - Race through endless tunnels and avoid obstacles in VR. (PC)
DOSTracer (2015) - Raytracer for DOS written in C. (PC DOS)
Quake BSP Map Viewer VR with Oculus Rift support (2013/2015) - Map viewer for Quake III Arena with VR mode. (PC)
Talon Engine (2012-2014) - An improved multiplatform 2D game engine. (iOS, Android, Nintendo 3DS, PC)
Hazumi (2014) - Arcade action puzzle game developed with Talon. (Nintendo 3DS)
Mad Zombie Bacon Attack! (2014) - A Dart/HTML5 game written as a testbase for Google's Dart Programming Language. To make development of new applications faster, I wrote a simple OpenGL matrix stack library called Dart GL. (PC)
SuperBall C64 (2013) - Port of a popular SAT-1 TV show game from early 1990s. (Commodore 64)
Mile of Cry (2010) - 3D point-n-click adventure game. (PC)
Pong Engine (2009) - 2D retro game engine. (PC)
Bump and Krash (2008) - Multiplayer 3D racing/fighter game. (PC)
SnowballZ (2007) - A non-violent RTS game for kids. (PC)
Lord of the Rings MUD MMORPG (2006) - Simple MUD game with a client interface written in Java. (PC)
Internetowe Szachy (2000) - Network chess game for 2 players. (PC)