Talon Engine (C++, Java, Obj-C)

Talon was inspired by Gamelion Studio's proprietary game engine. Optimized for 2D rendering, I designed it as a set of functional modules providing additional functionalities, such as:

  • internal matrix stack for easier object transformations
  • camera system
  • simple UI system for fast prototyping
  • uniform sound player working seamlessly on all supported platforms
  • positional audio
  • special effects scripting system (parallax, sprite effects, alpha/color channel manipulations etc.)
  • Nintendo 3DS dual-screen emulation on a PC with non-intrusive rendering (ie. dual screen rendering will be automatically disabled on single screen platforms with no performance penalty)
  • integrated Box2D physics

The engine comes with a set of tools built in Python which supply GUI interfaces for creating special effects and building the UI.

Things running on Talon thus far: