My Work

Here's a list of several projects I've been working on profesionally during my employment at various companies. I only listed things that are not under NDA and since I don't hold any legal ownership, they're not available for (direct) download. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

PowerChallenge AB (PC)

Power Soccer (2008-2009) - AAA quality multiplayer online soccer game (PC)
Power Racing (2008-2009) - AAA quality multiplayer online racing game (PC)

ESDG Konsult AB (PC/Linux)

Agama TV (2007) - While I was working as a consultant at ESDG I was mainly involved with IP-TV analysis software for various models of set-top boxes (including Motorola and Nokia hardware). I worked with packet analyzers, network traffic optimizations and anything related to communication and DSP.

Gamelion Studios (various platforms)

Claw Engine 3D (2014-2016) - 3D rendering engine for Huuuge Games with VR support. (PC, iOS, Android, C++, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, GLSL)
Huuuge Games (2014-now) - Starting 2014, Gamelion Studios transformed into Huuuge Games. I've been credited on multiple social casino game titles. (iOS, Android, C++, Lua)
Allies in War (2013-2014) - Massively multiplayer (MMO) grind-and-conquer war game. (iOS, Android, C++, Java, Obj-C)
The Sims: Freeplay for LGTV (2012-2013) - Port of a Freeplay Sims edition to a prototype smart TV devbox. An additional Android remote control application was developed to improve gameplay experience (link points to the iPad version gameplay video). (LGTV/Linux, Android, C++)
Brain Exercise (2013) - An IQ test game with various types of puzzles. (iOS)
Crazy Kangaroo (2012) - Jump-and-run, tilt-controlled cartoon game targetted at younger audience. (iOS, Android, Nintendo 3DS, C++, Obj-C)
Pick-A-Gem (2012) - Match-3 puzzle game inspired by Candy Crush. (iOS, Android, Nintendo 3DS, C++)
I Must Run (2011) - An endless runner game ported to Nokia smartphones. (Symbian, C++)
Lyric Legend for Symbian (2011) - A Guitar Hero-like game for Symbian OS with up to 4 people Bluetooth multiplayer (ported from iOS). (Symbian, C++)
Crazy Hamster (2011) - Lemmings-style game for the Nintendo DSi. (Nintendo DSi, C++)
Boom Boom Squaries (2011) - Destroy evil Squaries and collect diamonds. (Nintendo DSi, C++)
Slot Machine (2010) - Slot machine simulation game. (Nintendo DSi, C++)
Spot the Difference (2010) - Spot the difference game with different themes. (Nintendo DSi, C++)