Hello World!

My name is Krzysztof and I'm a game programmer. I'm self-employed at CodeMagic where I do all sorts of amazing things.

I currently work primarily with PC, iOS and Android, though in my past I had the opportunity to embrace slightly more exotic devices, as well as Symbian OS, Nintendo consoles and more.

In my career, I worked in companies of various types and did a myriad of things: web development, writing IPTV analyzer software, handling cloud-like server infrastructures - and more. For the past few years I've been focusing on game development, programming backend stuff (engines, logic, AI, animation systems, etc) and more recently - VR.

Check out my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my past. I also post on Twitter from time to time and have a GitHub account with some of my pet projects posted there.

For direct contact you can email me (in English, Polish or Swedish) at krzysztof (dot) kondrak (at) gmail (dot) com.